Anesthesia Machine - Workstation


Anaesthesia Machine mounted on twin drawer SS/PC trolley incorporated with Hypoxia Guard ORC and 5 tube rota meter (3 gases-O2, N2O & Air) for low flow gas Anaesthesia, Selecta Tec mount for Tec vaporizer, N2O cut off system and O2 failure alarm as safety devices, along with other standard features.

Tec vaporizer for Isoflurane/Sevoflurane 

Close Circuit Circle Absorber

Temperature Compensated Tec Vaporiser

The Pisces advanced Anaesthesia vaporizer from Meditec combines ergonomic design with consistently accurate and reliable performance. Available in wide range of fittings and agents, the Pisces vaporizer offers maximum reliability with minimum fuss.

The Pisces vaporizer has been uniquely designed to be easily maintained. Each agent specific Vaporiser, signifies performance, convenience and ergonomic benefits with improved safety features to help improve agent delivery


Available for Halothane, Isoflurane and Sevoflurane Filling options of Screw Fill® or *Quik Fil(Sevoflurane® only), Meditec Fill Compatible with Selectatec® backbar with. Interlock, cagemount Stability ensured Precision engineered for complete accuracy Maintenance free

Clinical Performance

Due to improvements in the gas pathways, the Pisces Vaporiser excels in output, stability over a wide range of variables and can work in the most extreme conditions Gives superb performance over a wide range of vapour concentration, temperature, particularly at low flows

MRI Compatible

Meditec Pisces Vaporiser is designed and manufactured for MRI use. Can be used safely up to a 1000 gauss line

Accuracy and Stability

All Pisces vaporisers are calibrated on a laser refractometer and are fully flow, back pressure and temperature compensated to ensure output stability

Pisces Vaporisers are precision engineered in manufacture, fully tested and quality assured to comply with most stringent of standard


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